Take Action Now

Amnesty International – Create or sign petitions

Ongoing Political Action

Rohingya Refugees
Special Election PA18 Conor Lamb vs. self-proclaimed Trump before Trump


Asma Jilani Jahangir
Bassel Khartabil
Liu Xiaobo
Srdja Popovic

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Anti-Corruption Foundation – Alexey Navalny
Arena – An effort based at the London School of Economics to combat disinformation efforts
Center for NonViolent Actions and Strategies
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
National Endowment for Democracy


Alliance for Securing Democracy – Dashboard & more
Authoritarianism Goes Global
Primer on movement building to oppose Authoritarianism
Breaking Down Democracy – The Contemporary Authoritarian Toolbox


Anne Applebaum – scholar, journalist, activist
Isaiah Berlin – Message for the 21st Century
Erica Chenoweth – Why Civil Resistance Works
Richard Feynman
David Frum
Abraham Lincoln
Yascha Mounk
Michael Oakeshott – a short take
Karl Popper – The Open Society
Dr. Gene Sharp – Leading Researcher/Theoretician of Authoritarian Resistance
Mario Vargas Llosa

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