Notes on What an Anti-Authoritarian Action Network Would Look Like

  1. It aims to help impede & reverse the spread and intensification of Authoritarianism.
  2. It encourages citizens to lead, to influence both the civil society and its institutions, here and abroad, and to provide resources to these ends.
  3. Network leaders would proselytize & recruit other leaders from among their own social and professional spheres, including neighbors.
  4. Leaders would act would engage elected officials and political groups seeking support for Anti-Authoritarian candidates & causes elsewhere.
  5. Leaders would support organizations and movements, domestically and internationally, that fight against Authoritarianism.
  6. Leaders would support other leaders repressed for their activism, e.g. Amnesty International’s Prisoners of Conscience, & Freedom House’s Champions for Freedom.
  7. As Authoritarianism has adopted new forms of domination to succeed in today’s world, anti-authoritatrian leaders will learn how anti-democracy has evolved & how it is best countered.

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