About Us

We are citizens leading,  following, and encouraging one other to act against the tide of Authoritarianism surging in the world today.

We aim to identify and challenge Authoritarianism’s manifestations locally and more broadly, doing so individually and, most potently, together.   We’re also vigorously supporting Authoritarianian’s opposites:  freedom, opportunity, public integrity, governmental accountability, and human rights.

Authoritarianism isn’t a haunting specter.   It’s embodied by regimes and leaders at home and abroad who can be weakened and reversed.  We can do that via elections, issue campaigns, petitions, advocacy, or publicity.   This site offers and publicizes opportunities for those & other avenues of civic engagement.      We also believe that at the international level, where Authoritarianism’s agenda is pursued by nation states employing aggressive instruments of power, it must be met by alert, robust collective law enforcement, security, and military capacities.

Authoritarianism thrives among divided peoples.   In a globalized world of many faiths, ages, languages, races, sexual identities, incomes, educations, experience, cultures, nations, histories, ideologies, and ideas division is surmounted by mutual respect and communication.   Today all these dimensions of diversity may be found in a single family.   Whether across the dinner table or national borders, we should start by respecting that the allies who disagree w/ us come by their views honestly & presuming they think as they do as the result of years of learning, experience, and reflection.   To be dismissive of them is insulting and counterproductive while holding and arguing for another point of view is neither.

So the temper of this site is welcoming to everyone who wants to act to curtail the threat of Authoritarianism and promote it opposites.  Here’s to a big tent and animated, respectful conversations.

Finally, the initial author of the site is Brien O’Toole, of Ellicott City, Maryland where he works in affordable housing/community development, helps coach youth ice hockey, and w/ his wife parents two teens.   He’s doing this because he’s seen what people working together can accomplish even against fearsome odds when it matters.  This matters.